Tucked right up against the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness, Jardine abounds with hiking, fishing, horseback riding (through local outfitters) in the Summer, cross-country and backcountry skiing and snowshoeing in the Winter, and endless year-round wildlife watching and outdoor exploring. There are no services in Jardine (ie: fuel, grocery stores, restaurants, etc) so remember to top up your fuel tank, go out to eat, and grab some groceries and those last couple of essentials at the Gardiner Market before heading up the road to Jardine.

We do not have WiFi and only Verizon phones work in Jardine, so plan ahead and do your online business in town before retreating to Jardine to unplug from the busy world. There is no TV/cable/satellite service, but for rainy days we do have a TV screen with a DVD/Blu-ray player with a handful of movies available to watch, as well as games, books and puzzles to enjoy by our cozy fireplace.

There is no public transportation to Jardine. You will need a car to get here. Closest car rental is in Bozeman, Montana.

While the Jardine Road is a maintained dirt/gravel road with incredible scenic views, it can be dusty with potholes and washboard in the Summer, and muddy, snow packed and icy in the Winter and Fall/Spring. Make sure you have a capable vehicle with all-season tires that is in good working order. While a good front-wheel drive will work in the Summer (June - August), we STRONGLY encourage 4-wheel or all-wheel drive for the Fall, Winter and Spring (Sept - May) as weather and conditions change rapidly and unpredictably.
Enjoy the view and drive carefully, and if you are going slow kindly pull off in one of the many scenic pull-outs (if safe to do so) to allow others to safely pass on by. Plan on 15-30 minutes one-way between Gardiner and Jardine depending on conditions.

Once here, dirt roads beyond lead to trailheads that connect to literally hundreds of miles of hiking trails to explore in the Summer, and groomed and ungroomed cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the Winter. Please respect all posted private property signs.
Be sure to allow PLENTY of extra time if you are traveling through Yellowstone as traffic moves slowly (max speed 45mph) and frequent construction and wildlife delays can easily last from minutes to hours. Seasonal and weather dependent road closures occur frequently year-round so be sure to check daily that your route is open.

July, 2022 Update - We are open for business!
Now partnering with neighboring businesses for package deals that include: Massage Therapy, Horseback Riding & EBike Rentals!
Visit the BOOKING page to reserve.

The flooding of the Yellowstone River watershed has been devastating to the town of Gardiner. But with the rapid response of local agencies and volunteers the immediate clean-up has quickly mitigated immediate threats and has rapidly returned basic services like power, clean water, food and mail to our residents and businesses. But the biggest threat to Gardiner is the loss of revenue from cancelled bookings by visitors. The livelihoods of the locals here critically depend on guests like yourself who come to explore and enjoy this beautiful place we call home. Assistance monies and fundraisers will only help a little in the short-term, and they are not a sustainable solution that will keep Gardiner & Jardine businesses from having to permanently close their doors.


The number one thing you can do to help our community survive this catastrophe is to not cancel your trip and still come to this amazing place.

Gardiner is open and ready for you! The North Entrance to the Park may be temporarily closed while the road into the Park is rebuilt, but the Gardiner Basin has almost everything that Yellowstone Park has, and in some ways has even more! Gardiner has delicious dining, exhilarating white water rafting, rustic horseback rides, amazing mountain scenery, bountiful wildlife viewing, endless hiking and backpacking in alpine high country, relaxing spas and soothing hot springs to soak in at the end of your day enjoying one of Montana local’s favorite getaways. Best of all, now that Gardiner has become an end-of-the-road vacation destination you can enjoy all of these amazing recreation opportunities without the crowds and entrance fees! So please, come to Gardiner. Not only is this the best way you can help our community recover from this disaster, but you are going to have a blast doing it! 

A message from your host, Zondra Skertich.

"I absolutely love living in Jardine, Montana. We are in such a beautiful location, with so many amazing outdoor activities located right here. There are great things to see in Yellowstone, but I personally have always preferred the area outside of the Park. Until the devastating flooding cut us off from the majority of Yellowstone, I was happy to keep my secret places a secret and let my guests visit the area only to see the Park. I have always told my friends & family about all my favorite local places outside of the Park, but kept it a secret from tourists and visitors whom I didn't know. But things change... I will now tell you about my favorite hiking trails, hot springs and more. Now that the majority of Yellowstone is inaccessible from Jardine until some flooded roads can be rebuilt, I am ready to share those secret favorite places to more people. If you were considering a trip to Yellowstone, or just want to find a nice Mountain getaway, I want to invite you to come stay at the Jardine Retreat Cottage. This Cottage is my livelihood, and so I am now ready to share the local secrets, so that you will come and help me stay in business. Please come enjoy this area with me.

All footage from the following video about Yellowstone's Northern Range was filmed within a 50 mile radius of Jardine Retreat


Travel Planning Resources

Gardiner Chamber of Commerce



Your Yellowstone Trip


Need help planning the rest of your trip? Putting all the pieces together for an awesome trip to Yellowstone can be overwhelming, and we know someone who can help! You’ve got the first step down by booking your lodging, but most folks still have SO many questions about where to go, what to see and do, and how to keep the whole family happy. If you’d like to talk to someone in Yellowstone who can guide you through the rest of your trip planning, we recommend booking a Yellowstone Trip Planning session with our friends over at A Yellowstone Life. Click the link for more info, and save $10 with the code YNP10. www.youryellowstonetrip.com. You’ll also get their awesome Yellowstone Resource Library.

Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone Park Road Conditions


307-344-2117 (automated message with current road closures and pertinent conditions)

Cross Country Skiing


There are great options for skiing in this area. The closest is right out the front door, where you can ski up the road one quarter of a mile to a backcountry ski trail which connects to the whole network of Bear Creek Ski Trails. Or, you can drive about 5 minutes up the road to the main parking lot for the Bear Creek Ski Trails. There's about eight miles of groomed ski trails great or classic or skate skiing. There are multiple options for touring and back country skiing from the Bear Creek Ski Trails in Jardine. 

Yellowstone National Park has a variety of ski trails, the closest being in Mammoth Hot Springs, a 30 minute drive from Jardine. Click here for more info about ski trails in Yellowstone.

Horseback Riding


There are two professional outfitters right in Jardine

Specimen Creek Outfitters



Hell's A-Roarin' Outfitters



Hot Springs

Chico Hot Springs Resort



Historical Montana hot springs with poolside bar & grill, fine dining, horseback riding and a spa.

45 Minute drive from Jardine

Yellowstone Hot Springs



Montana's newest hot springs, opened in 2019. Relaxing outdoor pools that are alcohol and tobacco free.

20 Minute drive from Jardine

Boiling River 

Currently closed - no reopening date sheduled

A natural hot springs in Yellowstone National park, where boiling hot water flows into freezing cold water. After a half mile walk to access the springs, make sure to wear good water shoes as you walk through hot and cold running water to find the right place to soak.

20 minute drive from Jardine 

Wildlife Tour Guides

In Our Nature Guiding Service



Yellowstone Wild, LLC



Yellowstone Wonders



Yellowstone Insight



The Yellowstone River


The Yellowstone River is a blue ribbon trout stream, with amazing fly fishing and the longest free flowing river in the lower 48. Whitewater rafting in the Gardiner Town stretch is one of our favorite local activities. There are multiple whitewater rafting companies in Gardiner to take you down the river.

Yellowstone Raft Company



Flying Pig Adventure Company



Wild West Rafting


(406) 848-2252

Montana Whitewater



Paradise Adventure Company



Massage Therapy


Your host at Jardine Retreat, Zondra Skertich, is also a massage therapist. She has just completed construction of a new massage studio in Jardine, just down the street from the Jardine Retreat Cottage. Jardine Retreat Cottage guests get priority booking for appointments. Add a massage right on to your lodging booking when you book your stay at the Cottage. 

Zondra has been a massage therapist for eighteen years with experience working with many different people and body types. Her training is diversified with many modalities ranging from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Reiki, Reflexology, Hot Stone Therapy, and more. Each massage is a custom treatment blending techniques from multiple modalities to personalize every massage to what each client needs and wants at the time. The relaxing tranquil environment in her Gardiner studio is a perfect place if you just want to relax and unwind, or if you need specific deep tissue and therapeutic work.

Zondra's massage studio is open year round, and conveniently located right on Highway 89 in downtown Gardiner. Hours vary from day to day and massages are available by appointment only. Same day appointments are often available, so please don't hesitate to check with Zondra to see what times are currently being offered. Text messages work the best, but phone calls, Facebook messages, and emails also work. Telepathic messages and smoke signals don't work quite as well, so please plan ahead and remember that phone service and wifi is very limited in Yellowstone.

Originally from Jardine and after many years of world travel and living all over the place, Zondra and her husband chose to settle down in this beautiful part of the world. She enjoys a lifestyle of hiking, skiing, boating and truly enjoying the outdoors. She understands what it's like to be sore and tired from traveling and embarking on adventures and is therefore sympathetic to and enjoys working on people who are sore from hiking, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, boating, or even sitting in the car all day. Did you forget to wear enough sunscreen and are now sunburnt, but still need a massage? No problem! Get a lavender/aloe sunburn treatment along with your massage. Please check out her menu for descriptions of the sunburn treatment, hot stone therapy and more.