Why don't you have Wifi?

Internet options are limited in Jardine. Rather than subscribing to a slow expensive satellite service, where the data allotment gets used up by the first guest of the month, we have chosen to move away from technology and enjoy the peace and quiet of a wilderness getaway. Read a book, go for a hike, do a puzzle, go skiing or play a game and disconnect from the modern busy techno world. 

Will my cell phone work in Jardine?

Only if you have Verizon, or a phone that uses Verizon towers.

There's no WiFi & my phone doesn't work at Jardine Retreat or while I'm traveling in Yellowstone... how do communicate?

We recommend that you plan ahead and plan to stop in Gardiner each day to check messages and catch up with all your important communications. There is free WiFi at the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center located at 216 Park Street (it reaches outside for after hours use!), or at one of the coffee shops or restaurants in Gardiner. 

What is the road to Jardine like?

The Jardine road is is an improved gravel road. Your vehicle will get covered in dust while driving the road. Park county does a nice job maintaining the road. In the winter, the road is plowed right to Jardine Retreat. In the winter, snow tires are highly recommended, or a 4WD or AWD with good all season tires.

What amenities does the Cottage have?

  • Fireplace

  • Couch & love seat

  • Dining table with 4 chairs

  • TV with DVD player and a small selection of DVDs

  • Puzzles ranging from 100 pieces to 1000 pieces

  • Informative books about Yellowstone & Montana

  • Spotting scope to use in Yellowstone for wildlife viewing

  • Full Kitchen: refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, range, microwave, toaster, coffee maker & coffee, electric kettle, tea/cider/cocoa, pots & pans, plates/bowls/glasses/mugs, cutlery, cutting boards, bagel cutter, spices

  • Bathroom: bathtub, heated floors, blow dryer, shampoo/conditioner/body wash, bath towels/hand towels/wash cloths 

  • Bedrooms: nightstands with USB chargers, closets with luggage racks & hangers, extra pillow, extra comforter, individual thermostat/heater for each room

  • Iron & ironing board

Do you have a fire pit or BBQ grill?

Sorry, but there is no fire pit. Although located in a beautiful location, with great views out the windows, and recreational opportunities on public land, the lot that the cottage sits on is small, and there is no space for ​a fire pit. There is a BBQ grill that is currently in storage for the winter, but can be provided upon request, and will be back on site in the summer.

Do you allow pets?

Sorry, but we do not allow pets at the Jardine Retreat Cottage.

How do I book a stay at the Jardine Retreat Cottage?

Please visit our secure booking page to book your stay. Please do not call to book, as you will just be directed to the same booking page. We are a small business with just one person (Zondra) doing all the booking. With no Wifi and only a limited cell phone connection in Jardine, paired with an active outdoor lifestyle, your host is not always able to get on the computer to make bookings, but luckily our online booking system is secure and straight forward to use. Questions about your booking can be answered via email or text.

How far from the Cottage do I have to go to get a massage?

Zondra has a massage studio in Gardiner, which is about a 15-20 minute drive away. She is currently building a massage studio in Jardine that is about 100 yards from the Cottage. Cottage guests may have the opportunity for onsite chair massage - please text Zondra at 406-220-2201 to arrange.